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Video Systems > Playback/record

This price will be subject to a 5% settlement discount for payment within the agreed period

  Cost per Day (£)  
Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio
  • 3G-SDI and HDMI Connections
  • Recording & Playback up to 1080p30
95.00 BMD-Hyperdeck
Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro
  • 6G-SDI, Quad SDI, HDMI 4K, component, analog audio and AES digital audio
  • Ultra HD recording & playback up to 2160p30
135.00 BMD-Hyperdeck
Playback Pro Plus with Mac
  • Create your own playlist
  • 2 channels of video for seamless cross fade
  • Full HD File Support
  • Edit and manipulate video clips
250.00 playback-pro
Sony HVR-1500A
  • HDV Player & Recorder
  • Supports full 1080 HD
  • SD & HD-SDI Inputs
  • Built in Screen
200.00 hdr-1500
Sony DSR11 DV Deck
  • Records and plays back both NTSC and PAL
  • Input selection 1394, Y/C, or composite
  • RCA plugs for audio
  • DV and DVCAM Recording
68.50 dsr11
Blu-Ray Player
  • Domestic player with HDMI
  • Plays standard DVD
45.00 denonv210
Denon DN-V210 Pro DVD Player
  • Proffesional DVD player with HDMI
  • Plays MP3, WMA and DivX
  • NTSC/PAL conversion
  • Super video CD compatible
40.00 denonv210
DVD Recorder
  • Simultaneous playback while recording is possible
  • Records in real-time using MPEGII compression
  • Full RGB in and out
  • Built-in time base corrector
45.00 denonv210